What Makes Us Tick?

Amusement Unlimited was founded in Eugene, Oregon by Jerry Johnston in 1973. Al Lindley, Jerry’s business partner, joined the company soon after that; Amusement Unlimited started with merely foosball, and have now made significant expansions to meet our customers growing needs. We have been serving our customers all throughout Oregon since 1974, in dozens of cities and regions.

Here at Amusement Unlimited, we take pride in our knowledge of trends in the entertainment industry, and our ability to analyze the needs and wants of businesses and clients desires. With a customer service oriented mindset, Amusement Unlimited strives to always preform the quickest, cheapest, and most efficient services to our clients. Our experienced team will select the best equipment and prizes to optimize the entertainment value of each individual location.

Amusement Unlimited also promises a swift service. Broken machines can be an eye-sore, and ultimately, detrimental to the business. We strive to do away with broken machines, and service them as quickly as possible.

We would love the opportunity to meet you, and discuss what we can do to fit the needs of your business!